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Red Rooster Chicken Litter

     As a farmer, you know a successful harvest is the result of dedication and hard work. Organicom is dedicated to providing fertilizer products that will work hard for you.

Red Rooster Chicken Litter is nature's most effective plant food and is purely organic and environmentally friendly. This uniquely processed chicken manure offers many benefits to your soil and crop.Chicken Litter is:

  • an extremely appropriate humus nutrient;
  • purely organic with balanced nutrients;
  • effective for the long-term;
  • beneficial to poor soils with signs of exhaustion;
  • higher in fertilizing value compared to similar products;
  • and free of chemical additions.

     Red Rooster Chicken Litter is packaged in resealable 2 and 4 quart bags. Organicom also offers a bulk potting soil blend. Please contact us by email or by using our on-line form for pricing information. We welcome your interest in this product that will offer so many advantages to your farming operation.

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